• Protect Your Freedom

    The United States imprisons more of its citizens per capita than any other country in the world. Don’t be a victim to the prison-industrial complex; defend yourself from overzealous district attorneys and prosecutors. We’ll protect your freedom and force the government to prove its case.

  • Fight For Your Interests Fight For Your Interests

    Whether you’re a plaintiff or defendant, you need an attorney who knows the system and can protect your interests to get you the results you need.

    • Magisterial, State and Federal Courts
    • Small Claims to Complex Litigation
    • Efficient, Cost-Effective Representation
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  • Defend Your Rights

    You have rights in the workplace, including the right to be free from discrimination on the basis of your race, gender, age, religion, disability and more. You need your job but you don’t need to tolerate a hostile workplace or discriminatory treatment. We’ll help you stand up for your rights.

  • A Personal Touch

    We strive to meet the needs of our clients efficiently so that we can offer reasonable rates based on your specific needs. We provide the attention to detail necessary to meet your needs without breaking your bank.

    • Reasonable rates quoted upfront
    • Personal, one-on-one attention
    • Convenient, accessible location
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    A Personal Touch

Results-based, passionate representation in criminal, civil and employment litigation.

Criminal Cases

From summary offenses to federal criminal litigation, O'Leary LLC will fight for your freedom and keep the government honest. You have rights but you need someone who knows the system and will fight for you.

Civil Actions

Small claims or complex disputes, we represent litigants on both sides. Whether you're owed money or are defending a claim, we help navigate both the state and federal court processes to ensure that our clients get the outcomes they deserve.

Employment Disputes

You have a right to work in an environment free from discrimination, and have guaranteed rights your employer cannot deny. If you've been subject to discrimination, terminated from your job, or think you might have a case, click here to learn more.

You are our livelihood.

Your interests are our goals. Whether it be clearing your name, getting you money you're owed or defending your right to be free from workplace discrimination, O'Leary LLC will bring the zealous representation you need to make sure your case is handled the way you need it to be. Don't settle for less, call us today!


Client Testimonials

Devin was very knowledgeable and actually seemed to care about my case. He was easily accessible, and didn’t mind follow up Q & A. The case resolved well, NO un-expected surprises.

– Timothy, Former Client


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